Microsoft is one of the biggest, if not the leading business technology company in the world. But, not even this global enterprise is a stranger to technical issues, especially in recent times. The company’s Windows 10 1809 update has faced a number of well-documented challenges, some of which include a file-deleting bug that sparked anger among their its users.

This time around, the tech giant was forced to block the 1809 patch for a group of users due to an issue with certain display drives. The silver lining, for Microsoft at least, is that this time it wasn’t the company’s fault.

Let’s take a look at Microsoft’s latest hiccup, who’s to blame for the issue, and what you can do to avoid being affected by it.

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The Troubled Windows 10 1809 Update

It’s normal for OS manufacturers like Microsoft and Apple to release patches and other updates to improve functionality. What’s not normal is the fact that the Windows 10 1809 update has been plagued by a number of issues that keep coming out of nowhere.

The first issue was detected shortly after the update was released. Isolated user reports of missing files led to an investigation, after which Microsoft pulled the 1809 update and launched a second release after addressing the issue.

Another problem arose shortly where users that downloaded the 1809 update couldn’t download iCloud once they had the new version installed. Apple released a new version of iCloud to solve the compatibility issue, but this issue may have costs thousands of dollars for a number of businesses already.

Since then, a new issue that affects Windows 10 users, as well as businesses running Windows Server and Windows Server 2019, has been reported. The issue prevents users from installing the 1809 update on computers that have a specific display driver installed.

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Not Microsoft’s Fault This Time!

The latest issue with the 1809 update won’t cause major losses, but the users and businesses that rely on Microsoft still aren’t happy. However, the company is adamant that this last problem was not their responsibility.

The issue was actually caused by Intel, the company in charge of developing display drivers for Microsoft devices. The company released a new driver without notifying Microsoft, which may lead to system malfunctions that enabled unsupported features in Windows 10.

So What’s the Fix?

Both companies are working to expire Intel’s drivers and fix the issue as soon as possible. What’s more, Microsoft released a statement informing businesses and individual users that they can contact a live representative via telephone for a temporary fix.

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Finding Reliable IT Support for Your Business

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