For most businesses, whether it is a solo entrepreneur, a mid-sized organisation, a large corporation or just a small business, there tends to be reliance on some technical expertise for the setting up, repairing or maintaining of the technology. Regardless of your business size or sophistication, supporting it requires some types of IT Support services usually broken down into three different models:

  • The outsourced: managed IT services
  • The internal IT
  • The outsourced: time and materials (T&M)

Every single model has its own drawbacks and advantages thus proving that there lacks a one-size-fits-all solution. However, we can determine what is right for your business by understanding its needs and comparing them to each model of support to determine which model suits best.

The Internal IT Support

The internal IT Support means that a business has an internal technical staff or employee(s) given responsibility for all installation, technical support, maintenance and so on. In most cases, enterprises or large businesses often decide on having an entire internal IT department which is responsible for technical projects, handling the network infrastructure, IT planning and end-user support. Your businesses value the in-depth, intimate and specialised knowledge that can be provided by our internal team solely dedicated to the work.

The expense of having an internal team for either a small or mid-sized business becomes economically not possible. However, choosing to have one or a few IT employees has the benefit of having someone on-site who has personal knowledge about your business in order to handle any arising IT issues. Most small to mid-sized businesses find relying only on internal IT support nearly impossible for an IT salary is expensive and ensuring coverage especially during vacations or time off with only one or two resources can be a bit problematic.

The Outsourced: Time And Materials (Break/Fix)

This model relies on the philosophy, when it breaks, fix it. In this approach, you hire an outside IT specialist or an IT support company to solve an IT related problem that has come up. Once a problem is reported to the service provider, the technician will either come on-site to solve the problem or remotely work on the problem using a computer. You will be charged for the time taken by the technician to solve the problem once it is resolved.

The break/fix approach is beneficial in that, it is a pay-as-you-go model which is convenient for small companies as it is more economical since there are no ongoing costs. The major drawback to the approach of break/fix is that it may lead to unpredictable prices and an unstable environment since when it breaks, it will need fixing every single time. In the long term, this approach will cost more.

The Outsourced: Managed IT Services

The philosophy behind this support system is preventing the breakage even before it happens. This approach involves hiring a managed service provider whose work is to proactively monitor and maintain the technology infrastructure to minimise technical disruptions and to prevent any problem before it even starts. In case of any problem, the services provider is notified instantly, and they can address it on-site or remotely without any impact on the business. However, regardless of the problem instances or severity, the monthly fee remains constant.

To prevent any losses from occurring to both parties if anything goes wrong, services providers make an effort to align the interests of both your business and theirs.  Managed IT service providers, work to ensure the security, stability and high performance of your network to avoid losing productivity and technical support time.

Other benefits of working with managed services providers may include:

  • Availability of data backup and security tools
  • Presence of a technical team of resources which is dedicated to keeping one on the move
  • Having unlimited working hours  
  • Presence of high-quality network management systems
  • Availability of proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Having a faster response time with clearly defined service level expectations
  • Ability to predict costs and carrying out consistent budgeting with a fixed monthly fee.

The IT services we offer help to improve the security and stability of a network thus reducing downtime. These services also help your business focus on increasing productivity rather than managing IT related issues.

The resources, business goals, size, industry and the technology, need the sophistication of your business influences in choosing the right IT support. Our outsourced model allows service providers to improve expert technical support and help prevent future problems. Choose the right model for your business today.