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Catalyst Computers offers a wide range of Tailored Solutions to meet all your Information Technology needs! We get the job done right first time, every time!

When you just need IT to work, call Catalyst Computers! At Catalyst Computers we pride ourselves on our fast, friendly and efficient service!

Our skilled and highly trained technicians will ensure that we have your computers up and running in no time!

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Google Made it Simple to Delete Your Search History

Google has introduced an update that makes it much simpler for users to wipe their search history.  Signed-in users’ search activity is recorded by the company which associates it with..

10 Ways to Protect Your Cybersecurity

The world is full of cybercriminals. These are people who target the computers of individuals or organizations for the purpose of committing cyber crimes, such as identity theft or stealing..

Schools in NSW Struggling with Old Devices and Low Technology

A  state’s audit report revealed that pupils and teachers in New South Wales are battling with old computers, poor wireless networks, and lack of access to devices. Reports suggest that..

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