When you just need IT to work!

Catalyst Computers offers a wide range of Tailored Solutions to meet all your Information Technology needs! We get the job done right first time, every time!

When you just need IT to work, call Catalyst Computers! At Catalyst Computers we pride ourselves on our fast, friendly and efficient service!

Our skilled and highly trained technicians will ensure that we have your computers up and running in no time!

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Emergency Virus Removal, Recovery and IT Support

It’s amazing how the ideas of visionaries of our past have led this world to the technological advancements we have today. Nikola Tesla, for example, the forward-thinking Serbian scientist who..

Secure Your Computer and Online Accounts in 10 Simple Steps

  Protect your precious data and secure your computer by following some precautions. Here are 10 simple steps that will help you to secure your computer and online accounts from..

Secure Your Computer from Identity Thieves

The threat of identity theft is a very real and growing problem that our technical support team can help prevent. The culprits of identity theft collect personal information online and..

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