Catalyst Computers is the best choice when it comes to fast, friendly, and efficient IT services all year round.

We’re more than just your average IT service provider. Our team consists of highly experienced IT specialists, all equipped with superior knowledge and expertise to provide you with unmatched levels of service and results.

We consider all situations that may interrupt your workflow and ensure you’re able to get back on your feet and continue on with your day as soon as possible.

In the event of an unexpected outage, online attack, burglary, computer or device damage, network issues, or anything in between, our team will be here to ensure your computers will be back up and running in no time.

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We provide a range of tailored services that directly respond to your needs.

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Business IT Support

What's Included?

Our Business IT Support services can be tailored to provide 24/7 IT support, comprehensive IT management services, prompt help desk support, ongoing computer repairs & maintenance, virus removal services, and so much more.

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Get Tailored Business IT Support Services For Maximum Productivity

Whether you run a small business or large corporate company, you’ll have a trusted team of IT experts by your side who effectively understand what your unique business goals, challenges, and needs are.

From there, we provide strategic recommendations that help transform your business into the highly functioning and productive workplace that you’ve always wanted.

Creating powerful and innovative IT solutions comes down to figuring out what you want out of your business – and with our team of leading specialist IT professionals, you’ll always feel confident that you’re receiving the best Business IT Support experience.

Managed IT Services

What's Included?

Free up more of your time with our completely managed IT service, which includes day to day support, maintenance of your computers, network security, backups and disaster recovery – all bundled in one package.

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Use Our Managed IT Services To Free Up Time and Help Your Business Grow

For every business owner, there’s always the feeling of frustration knowing you could do more for your business if you simply had more time. With Catalyst Computer’s tailored Managed IT services, we do all the grunt work for you, so you gain more hours everyday to work on growing your business and do what you love.

Our Managed IT Services provides streamlined workflow to boost business productivity, performance, and growth – ideal for small to mid, large, and multinational corporate companies.

Server Deployment

What's Included?

Experience faster speeds on your entire network with on-demand support whenever you’re in need. Get professional server installments, deployment, maintenance, repair, and replacement services by the expert team at Catalyst Computers.

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Get Server Deployment, Replacement and Repairs By Trusted IT Professionals

When your servers fail, every second of downtime is costly. That’s why at Catalyst Computers we provide exceptionally fast, on demand support services for all your server needs. In the event of a network crash or any other unexpected server problem you encounter, you’ll have a trusted team of IT professionals by your side to get your computers up and running in no time. We respond immediately for server needs – including installments, deployments, replacements and repairs.

With our transparent pricing fees, you’ll also have tailored IT support that suits your budget and responds to your unique business operation needs.

When you need nothing but the best for your servers, choose the team at Catalyst Computers.

Virus & Spyware Removal

What's Included?

Get rapid virus & spyware removal services without having to reformat, reinstall, or potentially lose any of your data. Our team ensures to prevent cyber security threats from occurring in the first place and knows what virus protection works best.

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Stay Protected With Our Advanced Virus & Spyware Removal Services

At Catalyst Computers, we’ve successfully removed the most severe and complex viruses, all without needing to reformat computers. This means all your programs and files stay in place, while virus and other malicious software get completely wiped out. We’re also here to actively inform you and your employees about the best virus protection solutions for your needs. This is based on several years of first-hand experiences dealing with a range of complex virus and spyware removals.

When it comes to fast and effective virus & spyware removal and protection, you need more than just IT amateurs to handle your needs. Catalyst Computers are your industry leaders in cyber security and IT support. Get in touch today.

Feedback From Our Clients

Louis and his team have provided efficient and professional support for many years. Their response time and resolution of problems in a friendly and efficient manner is impressive. We have complete confidence in their ability to provide high level computer support.

Bill Callender

Have been using catalyst for long time now, fantastic service and a very knowledgeable team. Fast response and very professional. Perfect for small to medium businesses and their IT needs. You guys rock.

Vin Kerai

Exactly who we needed for our long overdue IT servicing and systems upgrade. Louis performed a thorough audit and knew exactly what needed to be done, going above and beyond and coming in over the weekend to make sure everything was up and running with zero downtime. Highly recommended.

Matt Park

We’ve been using Louis and his team for several years now and would highly recommend them. The team is professional, competitively priced and most important of all, absolutely know their stuff when it comes to IT.

Yoon Chung

I have been working with Catalyst computers for at least 4 years now with their staffing requirements for the growing team. So I know they have a GREAT team of support staff. And I really love their efficient approach without the fluff and BS – their job is to make sure your IT systems are working…and that’s what they do best.

Kim Acworth

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Our range of tailored IT solutions make sure you get the most out of your day no matter how complex or unique your needs may be. Experience superior levels of streamlined performance, productivity and business growth with our expert team at Catalyst Computers by your side.

Whether you want more freed up time to grow your business, a faster and more secure IT system, or simply just want the top IT industry professionals to swiftly handle all your IT needs, Catalyst Computers has the team of IT specialists you can rely time and again.

Don’t let outdated, slow, and inefficient computer systems hold your business back. Learn how we can transform your computing experience by getting in touch.

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