Are your IT systems struggling to keep up with your business? Installing a powerful and flexible server is the ideal solution!

As your business grows your IT systems can struggle to keep up! Often as businesses grow, the IT requirements rapidly change and it becomes critical to have a knowledgeable and competent IT partner to provide cost effective and efficient IT solutions. This is where Catalyst Computers can help!

Our experts can help with server installs and replacement in Sydney that can help provide a significant boost in computing power, which enables much greater flexibility and functionality for your business. A very common scenario is providing remote access for users working from home, staff who work on the road, and providing systems access to branch offices located interstate or overseas. A Terminal Server is a very efficient and easy way to provide remote access to all these users and also significantly improve the speed and performance of line of business applications for all users.

Server Replacement and Install in Sydney

Virtualisation also provides for massive improvements in efficiency by allowing multiple virtual servers to run from one physical server! Traditionally you would deploy a physical server for each server required for the business. By utilising virtualisation, a single server install can replace many physical servers which will give significant cost savings whilst simplifying deployment, backup and disaster recovery.

Take your IT systems to the next level, give us a call today to find out how our expert server install and replacement operators can help.