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Server deployment is a term that has been used for millennia as a military term meaning ‘strategy’. A dictionary definition of ‘deploy’ is ‘to spread out or to arrange something in a strategic manner’. The word has been coined lately by those involved in IT and used to mean the deployment of information technology. Used in IT, ‘deployment’ incorporates all the procedures adopted in setting up new software or hardware and making it run properly.

It includes installing, running, configuration, testing, and making any changes that are needed. In IT the term ‘implementation’ is often used to mean the same as deployment. At Catalyst Computers our teams are expert at deployment and implementation! We are equipped with the latest server deployment tools and expertise to ensure everything goes as smoothly as planned.

Why Use Our Server Deployment Services?

Our server deployment process allows you to bundle Catalyst Computers components by standard attributes and then disperse content based on these groups or bundles.

Bundle Instances By Use in the Server Deployment Process

If you’ve got Catalyst Computers instances (these are specific occurrences of any object existing usually during a computer program’s runtime) serving various different needs in your company, their configurations are likely to vary depending on what they’re used for and who uses them.

You might have a bundle of instances that

  • Serve your helpdesk crew, with a special app configured to fast track Windows desktop troubleshooting.

You could have another bundle be used by the operations section. These might have different apps that are used to trace security incidents, issues with the network, and manage emails. Another bundle of instances could be used to serve the operations team’s Web hosting section.

Instead of attempting to maintain and regulate these diverse Catalyst Computers instances one by one, you can bundle them based on their use, pinpoint the configurations and apps that are needed by each bundle, and then implement the deployment server to update their configurations and apps when necessary.

Define Your Categories and Manage Configurations in the Server Deployment Process

As well as bundling Catalyst Computers instances by use, there are other handy kinds of categories you can define. For example, you could bundle instances by version, hardware type, OS, time zone or geographical region.

Managing configurations for groups of forwarders is important. For instance, if you have forwarders on different machine types, you can implement the deployment server to deploy various content to the different machine types. The Windows forwarders can receive one group of configuration updates and the Linux forwarders can receive another group, etc.

Get in Touch For Tailored IT Server Deployment Services for Businesses

Catalyst Computers offer server deployment options specific to your business. Use our free on-site assessment and obligation free quote to see how our IT server solutions can benefit your business today!


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