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Latest Technological and Business Trends

2017 Latest Technological and Business Trends

With 2017 well underway, we are beginning to notice a range of new trends in the business and technology sectors. Here at Catalyst Computers, we keep a close eye on such trends to ensure our work with our clients and suppliers is operating to maximum potential.
With technology progressing year-on-year, the business industry is inevitably one of the most affected. Thus, to help keep you in the know, here is what we have discovered so far.

Increased emphasis on remote workers and training

With the number of start-up businesses consistently increasing, many companies are looking to broaden their staff inventory by hiring remote workers from around the world – a trend aided by the ever-increasing popularity of platforms such as Zoom and Skype. With the ability to recruit online and interview potential candidates from virtually any location, employees can submit work, communicate with teams and even undergo training exercises as long as there is a stable internet connection and secure device available.

Taking advantage of customer service digital aids

The landscape of the digital world is constantly changing on the basis of customer expectations. These days, customers demand a certain level of personal interaction from every business they engage with. Companies are therefore becoming increasingly customer-centric, meaning that businesses will need to adapt fast to match with this trend, lest they run the risk of losing customers to competitors who have already successfully implemented it.

Cybersecurity and cloud framework updates

As more and more businesses rely on a digital approach to their daily operations, security issues also become a priority concern. Customers are becoming increasingly concerned with cybersecurity, often choosing to take their customers to trusted providers who are able to securely store their personal and financial information. This has already become an important area of focus, therefore companies must invest the time and resources into ensuring they are protecting their customers from the latest online threats.

Technology adoption is paramount in existing businesses

As technology continues to rapidly progress, businesses need to constantly update their systems and networks to ensure they are operating to their full potential. With these changes, it’s critical that staff in these organisations are able to quickly adapt to change and are fully equipped with the vital knowledge needed to use these investments, enabling them to operate them seamlessly. This will result in further investment in training and stricter requirements when recruiting.

Prioritising customers’ experiences

Across the globe, companies are becoming increasingly aware that positive customer experiences are the key to success. Using the latest customer journey mapping techniques, businesses can accurately monitor how customers feel about their products, services and experiences. From here, they can effectively adapt their methods to match expectations, thereby gaining a real advantage over competitors.

Investments in cloud markets

As an increasing number of companies move towards cloud infrastructure, businesses have the opportunity to utilise the digital space like never before. With more and more businesses choosing to invest in cloud-based solutions, this industry is expected to accelerate tenfold, making it one of the most pressing business trends right now.

Growth in security and service architecture

The way in which users access applications and websites alongside communicating with other people and organisations is increasingly under pressure to become strictly managed, integrated and protected. Sites such as Facebook have already successfully implemented this, providing users with the ability to sign into countless websites with just one click. As more businesses continue to invest in this platform, the industry is set to skyrocket.

Destruction of digital information stores

Digital silos continue to fade into irrelevancy as the market for collaboration systems continues to gain popularity. This is assisted by collaborative social platforms such as Facebook for Business.

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