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Given the recent trend of working remotely, one of the biggest challenges businesses face is maintaining clear lines of communication with their employees and relevant business partners.

With many employees now working from home in different locations and possibly in different time zones, the need for technologies that enhance business communication has become more important than ever before. Through technology-mediated business communication, businesses are better able to reach their goals and objectives – in turn, allowing them to scale and grow their business in the long term.

This brings us to the big question, ‘What types of information technology is used to enhance business communication?’. In this post, we go through 3 of the most useful and common types of information technology in business communication – applicable in a range of different business types and industries.


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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can be one of the fastest and most useful ways to communicate with your team who are working remotely. Not only are you able to effectively communicate through features like screen sharing (for presentations or running through agendas) but video conferencing programs also allow for screen recording so that you’ll always be able to refer back to the recording in case you have missed out on any important notes.

There are a range of video conferencing tools available, but one of the aspects you should be aware of is how secure the technology is in being able to protect your confidential information from malicious hackers while you undertake video calls.

At Catalyst Computers, our IT experts are extremely knowledgeable in the types of business communication tools you can incorporate depending on the type of business and industry you’re in.


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Email Management

Almost all businesses require communication via emails. However, when you’re dealing with an overwhelmingly large number of emails everyday or just looking for better ways to manage your emails, there are information technologies and tools you can incorporate into your business to help. Some examples include having browser extensions which includes features to send email reminders or follow ups, as well as scheduling emails and more.

With the right type of email management technology, you and your employees will be better able to respond and keep track of email conversations at all times.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

Lastly, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are powerful ways to keep on top of your tasks and deadlines, as well as see an overview of how everyone else in your business is doing with their projects. Customer Relationship Management tools track individual tasks so that you can easily communicate with your employees and other relevant parties just by referring to the information stored in these tasks (i.e. ticketing system).

CRM is also a great way to see an overview of how everyone is progressing with their tasks, where issues arise, and what solutions can be implemented for better communication and reaching targets.

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These are just a few of the many ways you can use information technology to enhance business communication, especially when your workforce is operating remotely. At Catalyst Computers, our Business IT Support Services use the latest and most innovative information technologies to ensure your business processes are smooth, supportive, and enabling for all your employees. Get in touch with the IT experts at Catalyst Computers today to find out how your business can be transformed for better communication and performance.

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