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At Catalyst Computers, we’re seeing first-hand how businesses and companies are needing to shift to new and better ways to serve their employees and customers. One of the ways this is achieved is by getting a tailored or personalised business IT help desk support solution.

But a common debate that arises is whether a centralised or decentralised system is better for a help desk solution – and which is better for your business.

Although there are pros and cons for both, there isn’t a clear cut answer to whether one is better than the other. Rather, it’s better to look at how the two different systems can be used to provide an even better help desk solution to serve your business needs – this being exactly what we do at Catalyst Computers for our IT Help Desk support services.

To find out the differences between centralised vs decentralised help desks, including its advantages and disadvantages, as well as how you can best use a Help Desk service for your business, keep reading below.

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The Difference Between Centralised Vs Decentralised Help Desk Solutions

There are several differences between centralised and decentralised systems for help desk services, however there is one main overarching difference among the two.

In centralised help desk support systems, there is usually one individual or one team who makes all the final decisions when it comes to how tasks are carried out, what the results should be, etc.

On the other hand, decentralised help desk solutions involve several sub departments or teams making their own decisions within the business that’s within their scope of duty. This could include having a separate department for handling customer complaints, and another sub department for handling employee IT service issues.

Often, smaller sized businesses work in centralised systems as there are less processes and tasks for the boss or leading team to oversee. However, as businesses grow, large companies tend to have decentralised help desk solutions. Both centralised vs decentralised systems have pros and cons however, which we’ll go through below.

Not sure which is best for your business? Not a problem, just call up our team at Catalyst Computers and ask away for the best tailored recommendations and advice!


Centralised Help Desks – Advantages & Disadvantages

Centralised help desks involve connecting all a business’ different processes back to one central point – and usually all aspects of the workflow come together at this central point. If you’re considering a centralised help desk support system for your business, here are the important advantages and disadvantages you should consider.

Advantages of Centralised Help Desks

  • Mutual understanding of objectives, goals, and values – since there is one central point where all processes are made from, there is usually a clear understanding of the business’ overall objective, goals, and values when it comes to resolving help desk related issues.
  • Reduced chances of security issues – as many of the processes are reviewed by the leading team or individual within the business, there is much more monitoring and greater security measures put in place for reduced chances of hacking and other cyberattack-related issues.

Disadvantages of Centralised Help Desks

  • Potential to be less productive – with so many tasks relied upon by one head individual or central team, it could take longer to achieve the work through help desk tasks such as responding to customers or employee complaints, which can cause a detriment to business productivity.
  • Office politics – Centralised help desk systems could create conflicts of interest among different levels of employees.

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Decentralised Help Desks – Advantages & Disadvantages

Decentralised help desks involve having separate teams dedicated to resolving a particular set of problems or issues. Although there are many benefits to decentralised systems for help desk support solutions, not many use entirely decentralised or centralised help desks – but rather somewhere in the middle. Here are the reasons why this is the case.

Advantages of Decentralised Help Desks

  • Expertise management in sub departments – decentralised help desks allow for those who are experts in the area to make and execute important business decisions within their scope of responsibilities.
  • Faster workflow – with decentralised help desks, there is less time used up by top management or the head leader of the business, meaning more is achieved in less time.

Disadvantages of Decentralised Help Desks

  • Disagreements regarding business decisions – as there are sub departments or teams making their own decisions, this could cause disagreements and differing opinions when it comes to business values, goals, and objectives.
  • Lack of cohesiveness – without proper communication, decentralised help desks may not be working properly together to achieve more out of their time and resources.

Which is Better For Your Business?

Rather than asking the question whether a centralised or decentralised help desk is better for your business, the more useful question to ask is how a system can be worked out to meet in the middle – combining the best benefits of both systems in one.

This could mean that although there’d be a central point where overall business objectives and goals are made for each sub department, there are specific tasks that specialist sub teams can make their judgement on for faster, more productive, and efficient help desk support solutions. Nowadays, we’re finding that more businesses and companies are better off this way.

Why Choose Catalyst Computers’ Help Desk Services?

At Catalyst Computers, we tailor our help desk solutions to ensure that it provides the best of both worlds when it comes to centralised and decentralised help desk support systems.

Ultimately, our solutions are adapted to provide the most reliable and efficient ways to resolve both customer and employee issues.

Head to our IT Help Desk service page for more information or get in touch with us below!

For more information about our IT help desk support solutions at Catalyst Computers, get in touch by giving us a call or by filling out our online contact form and we’ll be with you right away.

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