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Differences Between A Service Desk vs Help Desk

‘Service Desk’ and ‘Help Desk’ are terms that used to appear interchangeably in IT, so it’s unsurprising to see that there is so much confusion between the two concepts.

The reason why the differences between the two aren’t clear is that Help Desks and Service Desks can be referred to in different ways depending on the business size and type. Also, it’s important to note that Help Desks fall under or is a subset of Service Desks which is why you may find areas of overlap between the two.

For example, smaller businesses can have help desks that also fulfil the roles of service desks since there may not be much difference between the two roles. However, for larger companies, they may want to separate out a dedicated help desk for their customers, and then have an IT service desk for managing their internal IT computers, assets, and more.

To explain further, we’ll clarify the main differences between using service desks and help desks so you can gain a better understanding of which service your business may need – or whether you’ll need both!


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Help Desk vs Service Desk

As mentioned before, Help Desks are a subset of Service Desks – however, there are subtle differences of focus with the two. Service Desks aim to manage higher level, strategic IT processes and is also referred to as Managed IT services or similar, whereas IT Help Desks are usually found in a separate service on its own dedicated to serve specific common issues for end users.

Help Desks refer to providing solutions to issues usually experienced by end users which can differ according to your business. This is usually done through a ticketing system involving the end-user being guided through problem shooting methods and solutions via the Help Desk on their various issues. Some examples of Help Desk services would be responding to calls and customer requests as quickly as possible and recorded through an online ticketing system.

On the other hand, Service Desks are referred to strategic level processes and are the main point of contact for companies aligning the technology used in the business with the company’s goals and processes.

IT Service Desks (included in our Managed IT Services) aims to ensure the overall IT processes and infrastructure are working at its best to serve the company or business goals it’s been created to achieve. IT Service Desks encompass processes such as improving asset management, enhancing operations, allowing better communication between business departments and more.


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Help Desk Support Services at Catalyst Computers

At Catalyst Computers, we offer Help Desk support through our IT Help Desk service available for handling specific and common issues faced by customers or your end users. If you’re needing secure, efficient, and tailored IT Help Desk solutions for your business, contact the IT experts at Catalyst Computers today.
Enquire at Catalyst Computers today for a range of IT support services tailored to your individual business needs. Whether you’re looking for Managed Services for your company or need a prompt Help Desk to effectively manage all your customer queries, Catalyst Computers will have the most optimal IT solutions for you. Contact us for more information on how our IT Help Desk solutions can help your business today.

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