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With the ensuing pandemic happening this year, it’s becoming increasingly apparent how important technology is for small businesses to stay afloat. More workforces are going remote, and customers are relying even more on the internet for their purchasing decisions than ever before.

For small business owners like yourself, this means knowing how to use technology to sustain your business or even find opportunities for growth. As your leading IT specialists, we’ve helped many small businesses leverage technology to their best advantage. We believe investing in the right IT tools and systems early on will better equip you in the long term, allowing your business to succeed no matter what comes your way.

To help you understand what types of technology you should be using, here are 5 of the top ways technology can help small businesses:


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How Does Technology Help Small Businesses

Given the lockdowns and restrictions, more people are relying on online stores for shopping and finding services they need. This is why small business owners can benefit tremendously from having an online store or by increasing their online presence to reach their customers.

But having an online store also means you’ll need to have a smooth running website, with secure payment methods and clear navigation for your users.

With specialist small business IT support services available at Catalyst Computers, you’ll be able to get the help you need to set up the best IT environment for your online store.

Enhance Customer Service


There are so many ways that technology helps enhance customer service. You can quickly and easily reach more of your customers online, with examples including: posting on social media, emailing your customers on new sales or product launches, as well as helping your customers through messages or by responding to complaints quickly via online ticketing systems.


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Flexible Employee Collaboration


Remote work poses its own challenges, however technology has allowed better and more flexible collaboration among employees – even if they’re located in different locations, countries or even timezones.

With technology, employees are still able to share and work together. Whether it’s video chats, screen sharing, online messaging, or even file sharing, technology helps in providing flexible and productive employee collaboration even in small businesses.

Project Management Tools


Keeping track of tasks and project management can be done more efficiently, accurately, and with ease using technology. There are plenty of project management software and tools available for small businesses. Using these programs not only benefit you as a small business owner, but are just as useful for your employees as well to help them keep track of their responsibilities and deadlines.


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Accounting Software


Accounting software is another form of technology that can help small businesses become more efficient. The latest range of accounting software assists with things such as automating bank feeds, converting currency, speeding up data entry processes, and even producing accurate and informative financial reports you can use to then make business decisions.

IT Support Services


If you’re already feeling strapped for time, outsourcing your IT needs to specialists like at Catalyst Computers can save your business valuable amounts of time and resources.

At Catalyst Computers, our small business IT support services help with everything from managing your servers, repairing devices, ensuring website security, smooth online collaboration, to many other business needs.



It’s clear how important technology is in helping your small business, including for you and your employees as well as in regards to better reaching your target customers. For more information on how you can leverage technology to your small business’ best advantage, get in touch with Catalyst Computers about our small business IT support services today!

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