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Schools in NSW Struggling with Old Devices and Low Technology

Schools in NSW Struggling with Old Devices and Low Technology

A state’s audit report revealed that pupils and teachers in New South Wales are battling with old computers, poor wireless networks, and lack of access to devices.

Reports suggest that since 2004, the budget for the Technology of Learning program has remained the same. This has prompted schools to supplement their technology requirements from parents associations and school budgets.

Low-Tech Devices

The report, furthermore, found that students are using devices and computers that are more five years old. This is why many of them require more IT support and maintenance. Also, many of the devices are not dependable, as they cannot perform challenging computer applications.

When it comes to wireless networks, the report suggested that they are very outdated. In fact, secondary schools are still using the networks that were installed several years ago and need replacements.

The report mentioned that all teachers may be provided with a computer or a laptop that they use outside or inside the classroom. This was the state’s school level decision. This is why, teachers are still using devices that are several years older and badly need replacements.

Improved Online Learning

Reports noted that teachers are using information communication technologies (ICT) when teaching, but many of them need additional learning. The NSW education department has ICT courses, but many of them are only offered in Sydney and are too expensive for other schools in the rest of NSW.

The published report noted that the students’ digital literacy was unknown. This is because digital ability assessment was not consistently performed. According to Mark Scott, secretary of NSW’s Department of Education, the report gave the department a chance to assess and improve their support and delivery of IT school learning.

The NSW Department of Education also said its Information Technology Doctorate would “oversee a review of the program and develop a roadmap of action”.

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