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IT, or Information Technology, is fast becoming a vital aspect of every business. A vast majority of communication, advertising and financial transfer occurs over the internet and a large number of other specific functions are typically completed using a computer.

The funny thing is, most people that use computers don’t actually know what they’re doing. Just because you drive a car doesn’t mean you can fix it, and it is much the case with computers. Many businesses employ an individual to assist with IT problems, or even an entire department.

This is very frequently a waste of company funds. While it is important to have the capability to fix an IT issue should it arise, if you are unable to diagnose the problem yourself you are at the mercy of the person you have delegated responsible to fix it.

And you don’t even know what they’re fixing!

For this reason, outsourcing Business IT Support is a common solution. The concern can be outlined over the phone and a professional can often give you a quote based upon their predictions. These individuals are also an option for smaller businesses who can’t afford to have someone permanently in their employ. Catalyst Computers caters for both these individuals and pride themselves on their efficiency of service.

There are a number of issues emphasising the importance of IT support. Confidential business documents and information regarding business funds are contained within individual hard drives and should a business network exist, be available without access to the individual computer. Even if this network doesn’t exist, viruses are not your only concern. If your router is compromised these files can be accessed from computers that are not even part of the network.

Often these issues are not a concern. Often the problem is not complicated or expensive to fix. But, if you are not an IT professional, you are unlikely to have the knowledge. In a best case scenario this means extreme stress, which alone is a less than desirable outcome.

So to get back online, stop that annoying pop up or to get past the green screen, contact us today!

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