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Tips to Keep your Computer Secure and Safe

Tips to Keep your Computer Secure and Safe

Keeping your computer secure and safe is a relatively easy task; it involves little more than installing and updating virus software. A number of excellent software products exist to do this task, with Trend Micro being an incredibly popular choice for many internet users. Choosing not to use virus protection is dangerous, especially for those downloading an array of different types of content from uncertain sources.

Many people are unable to tell when malicious software has made its way on to their computer. Being aware of changes occurring to your machine that you have not personally made is an important part of this awareness. Some things to keep an eye out for are:

-Applications taking longer to open

-Extra icons on your desktop

-Slight visual changes to your internet browser, such as a new search bar

But these are just a few of the signs that are easy to detect. In many cases, when a virus is far gone enough to effect your day to day computer operations, it is necessary to employ the help of a professional. Catalyst Computers offer virus removal services and have the skills required to give your machine a complete overhaul and remove any problem software.

It is important not to underestimate a virus. Often the less problematic they are for your system, the more likely it is the virus is attempting to benefit at your expense. While it is unlikely, this could be through an attempt to leach or store private information. In an age where so much of our lives are lived online, including much spending of our precious incomes, it can pay to be careful.

For more simple security tips or to answer any questions you have concerning computers, contact us today!

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