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All small businesses leverage technology in one way or another, and with more people searching online, it’s now more important than ever to have the right technology put in place to help make sure your business is running at its best.

But with technology comes a range of other challenges of its own. Troubleshooting IT issues, maintaining and upgrading servers, setting up security measures, as well as many other things need to be closely monitored and reviewed to keep your business’ IT infrastructure up to scratch.

Even though it’s possible to do all of the above yourself, you’ll be spending hours, days, weeks, or even months tackling IT problems that could easily be done in a fraction of the time by IT professionals, with better results. Outsourcing your IT services to professionals like the team Catalyst Computers is the fast-tracked way to keep your business growing and thriving.

If you’re looking to speed up the efficiency of your small business, here are the top IT services you should consider:


At Catalyst Computers, we make sure your small business runs smoothly by equipping it with the latest and most up to date technology fit for your needs


Cybersecurity Services

With hacking and data breaches becoming more prevalent headlines today, it’s incredibly important for even small business owners to have the adequate cybersecurity protection for their business. Malicious online attackers aren’t confined to who they’re targeting, and all businesses – no matter how big or small – are at risk.

At Catalyst Computers, we offer small business IT support services including virus and spyware removal. We’ve been able to remove even the very complex of viruses and malicious programs without having to format computers, reinstall programs, etc. so you’re able to save time and get back to using your computers again in no time.


IT Network Solutions

Your IT network serves as the foundation of your IT infrastructure. Without a proper network system, you’ll face a range of difficulties including internet connectivity, technological communication, storage, and more.

IT services for networks are made to ensure your computers are working together properly and you get the right level of connectivity for you and your employees. Network solutions will vary depending on your business processes, size, industry, and more.

With the help of our IT experts at Catalyst Computers, you’ll be assured your business’ network will be running efficiently and smoothly at all times – perfect for carrying out all your day to day IT workflows.


Catalyst Computer’s Small Business IT Support Solutions is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that’ll have your business performing at its absolute best all year round.


Maintenance & Repair for Computers and Servers

If you want to avoid downtime, getting routine check ups for computer and server maintenance as well as prompt repairs are an essential. Outdated computers and IT systems can bring about a range of problems for your business and ultimately, restrict you and your employees from getting productive work done.

What would happen if there was an issue with your server or your computers stopped working suddenly? It’s a possibility that no small business owner would want to go through but always needs to be considered in case the unexpected happens.

At Catalyst Computers, we provide rapid services for damaged computers and other emergency IT issues you may come across. On top of that we ensure to carry out routine maintenance checks on your computers and servers so they’re always working at their optimum levels.


Help Desk Services

Help desk services are a point of contact to help your employees and/or customers with their enquiries. For employees, help desk IT services can be used to get help with any issues they’re facing with their computers or any other IT issue they come across.

If you come across large volumes of online enquiries from your customers, help desks can also offer a faster way to serve your customer needs online with better efficiency.

Catalyst Computer’s Help Desk Support services focus on making sure you and your employees experience as little interruption and downtime as possible using technology. Our years of expertise and specialist knowledge in the industry allows us to assure with confidence that we can provide reliable, professional and prompt help desk support whenever you need it.

Getting down to the right IT services for your small business ultimately comes down to your unique and individual set of business goals. However, these are the top IT services many small business owners will benefit from and see better results in productivity and workflow. To find out how your small business can get the most out of their IT systems, get in touch about our Small Business IT Support services at Catalyst Computers today!


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