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What are you up against in the “World Wide Web”?

What are you up against in the “World Wide Web”?

With the exponential popularity of the internet, it seems like there are more and more threats accumulating every day. No matter who you are or how familiar you are with computers and the internet, you can still fall victim to many viruses and malicious third party software. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should stay off the internet and count your losses; it simply means that you should take the proper steps to protect yourself. Let’s talk a bit more about some of the concerns that you may come across on the net and some internet security services.

Internet Security

Malware is the term that is used to refer to malicious software. It can be extremely damaging to your computer, and in some cases it can even ruin your PC. These types of viruses do multiple harmful things to your computer including the deleting of important files. They also have the capability to recreate themselves, which can make it extremely hard to get rid of them. Adware can also bog down your computer and display annoying ads whenever you try to open a browser. It’s very important that you have a good security system in place to combat these potential issues.

Identity theft has become an increasingly popular threat in the online world. Many of the malware threats discussed above have the ability to collect sensitive information. The information that is stolen can be used or sold to others for a number of different purposes. Your login details for Paypal, or other online banking systems can also be compromised. You should always take careful consideration before entering your social security number or your credit card information anywhere online. Catalyst Computers can provide effective means of protecting yourself and your computer.

Online scams are another big problem when it comes to using the internet. You may receive emails, ads or other notifications that try to obtain your personal information. These scam artists are likely out for your money, and can actually be quite skilled at deceiving you. You should always thoroughly scan any ad or email that looks to be a potential threat. Many anti-virus programs will block these types of malicious sites to prevent you from falling victim to such scams.

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