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Why do Businesses need LAN

But first, what is LAN? LAN stands for local area network. It regards the computer network within a particular area. Local Area Networks require leased telephone lines in order to operate and are used in most homes and businesses (click), even without their knowledge. On a LAN, users will typically share an internet connection.

Using your local area network to transfer files between computers is much faster than moving them over the internet. LAN speeds at present can greatly exceed those found online. It can also be used to create shared folders that can be accessed from a number of different computers. This is less important within the home, but can greatly improve the efficiency of information exchange in businesses.

LAN can also be accessed without connection to the internet, meaning business operations (click) are not entirely reliant its functionality. It also means that individual’s capacity to perform is less likely to be limited by sharing bandwidth, as large company files can be accessed and shared without a connection.

As the advantages of new technologies are often unclear to businesses, experts such as those providing network support are often worth consulting in regards to how to best incorporate them into business practices. Extensive changes, such as a server upgrade may sound great, but it is important not to purchase them unnecessarily. This is a waste of company funds, and the sooner the technology is purchased the sooner it will have to be replaced.

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